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MVP app experts

We started out as a software development firm. We personally developed over 60 apps / platforms / products in 4 years, many of them very successful. All of our clients were impressed with our work. We eventually developed a few profitable ideas of our own:

Since we’ve been in business, we’ve picked up the pieces more than once and have come to know the most treacherous passes. We realized we had to find a better way to share our experience after helping dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs avoid the same stumbling blocks.

We have since compiled hard data on costs, code, development teams, and marketing that aim to ensure you won’t have to learn any lesson the hard way.

MVP App Launcher Guide

MVP app launcher guide: extraordinary insights that deliver extraordinary results

By making the app landscape more familiar to you, this guide will help you save thousands developing your product.

Start MVP App Guide

How do I make sure I don’t get screwed?

The nature of creating a new platform is such that you will be interacting with many spheres at once: software development, marketing, project management, and startup finances. It’s unlikely that you’re an expert at all of these things. Hence you will need to defer to people who know more than you on certain topics, whose incentives may not be aligned with yours.
For example, your developers may benefit from taking a long time to build a product if they're paid by the hour. How can you protect yourself?

Know what to expect

The best advice we can give you is to understand the product development process. By reading this guide, you’ll see the places where people stumble and know when to be the most cautious.

But can you trust us? Aren’t we like the experts pulling the wool over your eyes?

Well, we specifically designed our business model so that it’s in our best interest to protect you. That includes:

  • Offering this guide for free, always.
  • Providing the best resources we’ve found so that you can check our work.
  • Charging low fixed costs for any paid upsells. You might spend a little to learn how to avoid wasting thousands!
  • A. If you have reason to be unsatisfied with anything you purchase here, we pledge to refund you.
  • We display all of our feedback transparently